About Us

ChemTrace® is a division of Ultra Clean Holdings, Inc (UCTT: Nasdaq) which is headquartered in Hayward, CA, USA. Ultra Clean offers its customers an integrated outsourced solution for major subassemblies, design-to-delivery cycle times, design for manufacturability, prototyping and component manufacturing, and cleaning and analytical services primarily for the semiconductor equipment industry.

Founded in 1993, ChemTrace® provides state-of-the-art analytical services and problem solving expertise to improve current technologies in semiconductor, solar, LED and Photonics manufacturing. We accomplish this by understanding the needs of each customer and creating a customized approach toward real analytical solutions. Our clients' needs are fulfilled by the combined experience of our highly qualified chemists, engineers, and technologists. Our personnel interact closely with quality engineers, process engineers, equipment engineers, micro-contamination engineers, internal laboratory staff, facility engineers, field operations, R&D staff, chemists, and physicists to provide accurate and precise information on the composition, characterization, and trace level impurities of samples sent to our laboratories for analysis.

Global Services – Advanced Facilities

ChemTrace® provides analytical services through a network of commercial testing laboratories and precision cleaning facilities located around the globe. All ChemTrace® testing laboratories operate in cleanrooms and utilize class 100 or better mini-environments to ensure contamination-free preparation and testing of high purity samples.

ChemTrace Testing Laboratories

  • ChemTrace® Fremont, California (Research And Development Headquarters)

  • ChemTrace® Northwest in Portland, Oregon

  • ChemTrace® Hsinchu, Taiwan

  • ChemTrace® Tainan, Taiwan

  • ChemTrace® Korea, Hwaseong-Si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea

  • ChemTrace® Israel, planned site

  • ChemTrace® Arizona, planned site

QuantumClean Precision Cleaning Facilities

  • QuantumClean USA

    San Jose, CA Fremont, CA; Carrollton, TX; Scarborough, ME; Phoenix, AZ; Colorado Springs, CO; Hillsboro, OR
  • QuantumClean Europe

    Ireland, Fife-Scotland
  • QuantumClean Asia

    China, Korea, Singapore, Taiwan
  • QuantumClean Israel

QuantumClean USA

  • Irving, TX; Scarborough, ME; Phoenix, AZ; Colorado Springs, CO

QuantumClean Europe

  • Scotland

QuantumClean Asia

  • Japan, Korea, Singapore, Taiwan

QuantumClean Israel

Quality Assurance

ChemTrace® is committed to excellence in all aspects of our operations:
• advanced analytical techniques
• state-of-the-art instrumentation
• strict quality policies and copy exact procedures
• extensive training and certification
• continuous research and development efforts in all areas

ChemTrace® laboratories are accredited to ISO 17025:2005 by American Association for Laboratory Accreditation (A2LA) for Chemical testing:

• Certificate# 2252.01 for ChemTrace® Fremont Lab
• Certificate# 2252.02 for ChemTrace® Portland Lab and Satellite Labs in South Korea and Taiwan

Certifications & Accreditations

ISO/IEC 17025:2005 standard has requirements that are relevant to a laboratory’s ability to produce results that are accurate, reliable and timely. In addition, ISO 17025 incorporates many common Quality Management System requirements included in ISO 9001.

ChemTrace®, with its global network of copy exact laboratories, is committed to excellence in its offerings of world class analytical testing services, continuously improving its quality management system. It is our mission to achieve total customer satisfaction by delivering accurate, reliable and on-time test results.


• Common analyst certification and training program
• Identical analytical instruments
• Common standard operating procedures
• Identical Facilities Infrastructure

Commitment to Quality

• SOP Defined Procedures
• A comprehensive document control system
• Final reports checked by two qualified managers
• Intensive analyst training and certification programs
• Traceability of measurements and calibrations to NIST standards
• Continuous Improvement with R&D

Method Validation Criteria

• Accuracy and Precision
• Linearity
• Spike Recovery
• Method Detection Limits
• Stability and Robustness
• Selectivity and specificity

Highest Degree of Accuracy

• Calibrations with NIST traceable Standards or Certified Reference Materials
• Intra-laboratory correlations using NIST traceable Standards or Certified Reference Materials
• Participation in ERA Proficiency Testing


For more information, please contact us:

Technology Center and Principal Laboratory

44050 Fremont Blvd

Fremont, California 94538


Phone: +1-510-687-8000

ChemTrace Northwest

12130 NE Ainsworth Circle Suite 210

Portland, Oregon 97220


Phone: +1-503-254-2828

ChemTrace Korea

517-19 Samcheonbyeongma-ro

Paltan myeon, Hwaseong-si,

Gyeonggi-do, 445-911

South Korea

Office: 031 703 3669

Mobile: 010 8993 0081

ChemTrace Hsinchu, Taiwan

No.9, Datong Road

Hukou Township Hsinchu County

30352, Taiwan


ChemTrace Tainan, Taiwan

No.7, Gongye 3rd Road

Annan District, Tainan

709, Taiwan


Email: Info@ChemTrace.com